Wednesday, May 24, 2006

In sickness and in health

We've been fighting that spring bug of clogged sinuses and wheezy lungs here in the Turner house. It slowed us down quite a bit this weekend, but we still managed to paint the kids new rooms at the other house. It hardly seems like we're really moving in a couple of weeks again. It sure doesn't look like it from the lack of cardboard and packing (not) going on!

I think I might be fighting bronchitis. I had a horrible case of it last year - and the shortness of breath and lingering ick makes me suspicious I am not going to get rid of this without some medicinal help. So, the appointment with the new doctor is set for tomorrow. I've been putting off seeing her. I guess it was because my doctor in Pennsylvania was such a negative experience. I always had amazing doctors in Ontario - it's like I've forgotten that and judged them all by her. Hopefully at least I can find out if my suspicions are correct and get on top of this illness. I have far too much to do in the next couple of weeks to not be full strength.

So far Keith hasn't been affected by the germs - if he goes down we're shot! I guess we have no right to complain - we've been so healthy for so long - and never anything major. Now if we can just get relocated and settled I can start to enjoy putting down some roots!

Update: Doctor cancelled because of "emergency"... poo - I came home from working at the apartment to get ready and Keith said they called. Hopefully they can squeeze me in tomorrow. I really need a script - I can come back for a physical later, but I need to get on top of this weeziness and coughing.

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nikkirae said...

I hope you all feel better soon.