Sunday, November 12, 2006

It's alive! (well, live)

Yippee! My first sermon is live online. It was such a wonderful opportunity to share with my community about the things that really matter to me. I loved it. You can hear how nervous I am (I'm sure, I haven't even listened to it yet, but I know my voice cracked and my hands shook), but it was a wonderful experience and I was bathed in love and support.

Make sure you listen to Peter afterward, he prays for me and it was probably the most moving part of the morning (for me at least). He, Walter & Dan are truly the first pastors I've ever had. It's fun to be in a church where everybody gets to play!

A Hidden Wholeness

Please listen and I'd LOVE your feedback!!

p.s. - You can also view my power point slides, there are some amazing quotes I've used that are included.


Patchouli said...

Heidi, the tears began when you said "we have authority because we are the authors..."

I will listen again and again...thank you.

Ruthanne said...

Heidi, we're back in Kentucky and I have a mountain of academic work awaiting me, but I chose to first light a candle and lay on my couch and listen to your sermon. It is brilliant, beautiful and vulnerable. I can't thank you enough for sharing your story via the sermon and your life in so openly given at YS this weekend.

Mike O said...

Somehow I couldn't find it?