Friday, December 01, 2006

We Are The People We've Been Waiting For!

World Aids Day, 2006

Mike at Waving or Drowning has been a prophet for me on God's heart for the world. His passion for social justice and change isn't just words. He and his wife Sue live out redemption in very practical, beautiful ways.

One of those ways is a project he and a friend Robert have created called (Red)emption. I know I've blogged about it here before - but want to remind you as the project goal of 1000 participants is lagging behind at 401. I know we can do this people. It's just $10.00.

If you've already given how about your spouse, children or good friends? Spread the love around.

Mike and Robert have decided to close the project at the end of the year. I think it would be amazing if we could help them reach their goal. Stephen Lewis is putting help in the hands of the people, instead of the programs - this is where the difference is made. We really are the people we've been waiting for!

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