Friday, July 27, 2007

Don`t touch me till October

That was the refrain I heard all summer long in my teen years at Lake Geneva Youth Camp from a dear friend Bob Carrera. Bob was a mountain of a man and had the sense of humor to match. People would go to give him a hug and he`d say `Don`t touch me till October` - it would always make me laugh.

New Brunswick has just gotten the heat wave the rest of the world seems to be suffering from and I`m hating it. I just melt, sweat and whine. Our computers are giving us problems too - nothing major, Keith just doesn`t have the time to fix them yet, so I am solving two problems at once today - blogging at the library and soaking in their lovely air conditioning. I`m sure it will make going back outside into the heat even worse, but for right now it is glorious!

Hope you`re getting through the heat!

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