Friday, August 10, 2007

Stand by the poor

Seeking Poverty - Anonymous

You seek poverty not for its own sake,
nor from contempt or fear
for the good things God gives you,
but because you want to contribute something
to alleviate the world's poverty,
to make even your own possessions available.
Live like a poor person
without parading your poverty.
Stand by the poor wherever they live and work.
Your first love must go out
to the least of these.
Don't tie yourself down to the rich or powerful
of the world.

Source: Rule for a New Brother

via inward/outward


onionboy said...

To identify with Christ in his suffering; something Saint Paul said is a part of our calling if we be true Christians; a very unpopular thing to do, in fact a thing to avoid even more than sin in the mind and teaching of so much North American Christianity. Thank you for sharing this poem. May God continue to use it to shape my heart.


daisymarie said...

I work with the poor. I work for the poor. I work to help the poor find work. Sometimes it's all so discouraging....

onionboy said...

daisymarie, for two years I volunteered my pastor gift at an inner city mission. Working with and for the poor is a very challenging ministry and not for the faint of heart. May the Lord strengthen and bless you as you work out your calling among "the least of these."