Friday, September 07, 2007

I'm going to Hollywood

Well, I don't really have a ticket (yet) but the documentary I was in 1000 Journals is finished and has been invited to compete at the AFI Fest in LA from November 1-11. I was hoping it would be at the TTFI, but no such luck.

It feels totally weird though. People I don't know watching part of my story, a very intimate part I might add, in a large room with popcorn. Life is strange and getting stranger, eh?

I'm trying to figure out how I can get out there - our student budget really isn't made for Hollywood premiers, flights to LAX and the like, but it would be cool to be part of that crowd.

UPDATE: Cool article on the films at the Festival this year: The Envelope AFI Unveils Initial Lineup


chris said...

That sounds way cool! I'm sorry you may not make it down there. If I were a wealthy airline'de be large popcorn, front and center.

The website for the film is great. Man, how bad do I want to be part of cool indie projects like that. If any of my LA clan goes I'll have 'em represent.


Anna said...

Hey cool deal! and now I've got this blog too... if you do go to LA let me know... I'm actually going to be there from the 7th through the 13th to visit the fam and because my best friend is getting ordained...

Christy said...

Well, if you do make it out to LA, let me know. It would be great to meet you!