Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Andrea posted yesterday on the Docublog that the 1000 Journals documentary went LIVE yesterday at 12:00 noon west coast time. That meant that critics and the press got to see parts of me that other than being present at the time I have never seen!

I really want to go to LA in November to be at the premier. And I really want all of the reviews to be smashing for Andrea. She has poured every ounce of herself into this and birthed it like a baby. But this is even more difficult because my babies never had to sit in front of a group of people and be judged before the world. Holding thumbs Andrea!


andrea said...

Yes, there's judging and criticizing now, opinions, thumbs up, thumbs down, comparisons, a competition, but the best is: there's a dialog. That's why we made this film; to keep the dialog alive. Thanks, Heidi, for your trust, support, for being part of it.

gypsy girl said...

wow, this sounds fascinating. i can't wait to check it out!