Saturday, November 03, 2007

1000 Journals - The Film

Tomorrow is the big Hollywood premier of the film. It's also the when the reviews can be released. I'm excited, nervous and so wishing I could be there.

You did it Andrea and I am so very proud and excited for you!

I'm going to track everything I can find here as my virtual travel log since I can't be there myself. Weird that people I don't know will see my face and hear parts of my story and I won't be there in person.

LA Times - 1000 Journals - The story in their stories

Moving Pictures Magazine - 1000 Journals (wonderful, descriptive article)

The Hollywood Reporter - 1000 Journals

IMDb - 1000 Journals

1000 Journals at (review not yet posted)

MRQE - Movie Review Query Engine - 1000 Journals (no reviews posted yet)

Variety - Fall proves fruitful for femmes

If you do get a chance to see it I'd really love to hear about it.


gooditsraining said...

i will keep my eyes open for this film. i hope you are doing well- wanted to let you know that i tagged you!peace to you :) maria

gooditsraining said...

opps, here is where i tagged you on my site

andrea said...

Hi Heidi, whatever we can find or is sent to us is here:
Have you seen the pictures in the blog?
Wish you were here...