Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Continuing with the Pizza theme...

Great article on all of the different types of pizza found in the US:

Slice: A List of Regional Pizza Styles

I wonder if Canada has any regional styles? Most of the pizza I've had in Canada is national chain, ie. Pizza Pizza, Pizza Hut - and out east here we have Pizza Delight (which is a nice little restaurant, but their pizza is horrible - who would associate their name with "delight" and then proceed to provide such horrible pizza???) and Greco's, both of which have inspired us to make our own...

If anyone has a good midwest/Chicago thin crust recipe I would LOVE it! Those are the pizzas from my childhood.

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TNQR Rev said...

I have a good thin crust dough recipe (for bread machine, but probably could be made without) that my family likes. Not sure if it is 'Chicago' worthy or not! One of the tricks of a good thin crust is "pre-baking" the crust by itself for 5 minutes or so before loading with toppings.
I would be happy to send it along if you send me an email at tglaserATneoDOTrrDOTcom