Monday, April 28, 2008

Emergent Politics

I have been thinking a lot about the political race in the states since Obama sucked me in. I had divorced myself of tv news coverage and the bane of the talking heads for quite a few years until I began to hear the clarion call of Barack Obama's message. I must say that not caring what happened was much easier. I now care far too much - and will be heartbroken if America chooses what I consider to be fear, hate and unrest instead of hope, unity and peace.

I believe what is truly at stake here is so similar to what is happening within the modern church and the emerging church. Barack Obama is a politician for a post-modern generation. This is why many of the old guard cannot hear his message while those of us who do cannot hear anything else. Ears trained for modern facts and imperialism aren't able to grasp the nuanced messages of postmodern thought. The old guard cannot seem to get their head around the idea that many in the rest of the world already know.

This article by Frank Schaeffer articulates so well the choice our country must make - old or new - past or future - I for one want a hopeful future:

The Fight for Obama Requires Euphemisms and More Truth

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