Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bonhoeffer on jargon

Just read this in a comment on the Jesus Creed blog by John L and didn't want to loose it:

In his Letters from Prison, Bonhoeffer shared something of great importance,

"I often ask myself why a 'Christian instinct' often draws me more to the religionless people than to the religious, but which I don’t in the least mean with any evangelizing intention, but, I might almost say, “in brotherhood.” While I’m often reluctant to mention God by name to religious people – because that name somehow seems to me here not to ring true, and I feel myself to be slightly dishonest (it’s particularly bad when others start to talk in religious jargon; I then dry up almost completely and feel awkward and uncomfortable) – to people with no religion I can on occasion mention him by name quite calmly and as a matter of course..."

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Tara said...

I can relate...