Friday, June 13, 2008

Funds for Iowans Trying to Rebuild

My favorite daily story comes from The Story People - located in Iowa (why didn't I know people this cool during my three years in Iowa??) I just got today's blog post saying they are wet, but okay. They are located in Decatur, and have had some weather trouble, but nothing like what the cities to the south are facing. This was the poster they offered post-Katrina and they are reissuing it to help their local friends in Iowa rebuild. It reads:

the water washed away everything
but the chance to begin again

so we came from cities & towns,
from long golden fields
& we stood side by side
until we made a bridge to dry land,

back to a place
we have promised to hold safe
for each other's children,

back to a place
called America

by Brian Andreas

Posters are $20.00 and all proceeds go to help the flood victims - purchase here:

The Story People

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