Thursday, December 11, 2008

Myth & Divine Therapy

I was up far too early this morning, but it gave me time to catch up with some of my dearest blogger friends. They have given me much to ponder.

My Anj, my dear Friend Anj - she is such a deep well has me thinking about the myth that creeps into our lives and exists as an overarching story we believe in without really ever understanding it is a myth. I had never considered this idea before, so I have lots to unpack here.

And my bestest Hope, she of the northern sky, so very far away I don't know that we'll ever have a chance to meet, but she knows me like the back of my hand - she spoke today of Divine Therapy - spending time in silence, being present to God. I have so much to do today that I realized that if I don't take that time I will never get it all done.

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