Friday, February 20, 2009

Hospital smiles from down under

I had mentioned before that David & Lisa Hayward's son Jesse is in the same hospital that our son Jake is in - we have a mutual blogger friend down in Australia who writes the most beautiful poetry - this is not it - but a little ditty she penned to make us smile - and smile it did - thank you Gracie - who also has her own T1 son and was the one who called me from Oz to let me know to rush Jake to the hospital and I credit her for saving his life! Oh, and for those of you not local, all of the cities around here are named after saints - we live in "The Steve" and Jake is in the hospital in "The John" (there is also "The Fred" and "The George" - didn't want you to think that she was making references to the loo!)
Jesse and Jake are in The John
Not too well with their IVs on
Their Mothers run ragged
And Dads lookin haggard
Come on pain, it’s time
That you were GONE.

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Jeni Gerlach said...

Heidi, I appreciated your story. Watching our children suffer is tougher than any labor pains in the world, I'm sure. You've done a beautiful of sharing your journey. God is our Rescuer and is so very Faithful! It is Who he is! I will be praying for you and your son.

From another mother in Chattanooga, TN, blessings.

Jeni Gerlach