Thursday, October 22, 2009

Subtle Illness

Afraid of Being Hurt

We may need most to pity persons who have had no problems too big for themselves. Such persons have no remembrance of pain and loss and a crying in the night which will let them hear this in the life of another. Perhaps of all people they are the most lost---lost to self and to a world acquainted with grief.

Somehow we keep our lives so well hidden from one another that we do not guess that we are not alone. Distrust is among our subtle illnesses. We were given hearts for "reciprocal trust," but fear has built high walls. We are afraid of being hurt, and when we talk, we make ourselves vulnerable. What we say can be used against us or betray our loyalty to another, and so we add isolation to our own burden and the burden of others.

Elizabeth O'Connor

Source: Journey Inward, Journey Outward


Anonymous said...

Dear Heidi
I love what you are quoting. How to experience grief creates in us a deeper heart and the possiblities of deeper friendships, if we will take the steps into trust and intimacy. And I love how you have described yourself in your profile. The steps you are taking to be more fully you, I am begining to take to. It's a fun ride!
Blessings, Cherie ( from Essentials Red)

Heidi Renee said...

thanks Cherie - hope you are enjoying Dan's class, he is a gem and you will learn much from his heart. It is a fun ride indeed! Never easy, but simple, eh?