Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I'll love you forever

Robert Munsch has always been my absolute favorite childrens author and now that I read-aloud 8x a week he is my very best friend. Yesterday the news hit that he has opened up about his long struggle with mental illness and addiction. This only makes me love him more. Anyone who takes a princess who has lost everything and gives her the chutzpah to stand up to dragons and shallow princes could never fall from grace in my books.

I hope this will allow parents to begin to have discussions with their kids about these difficult topics and that others will see the beauty that can come from pain. So thrilled that Annick Press and Scholastic are standing fully behind him as he finds healing and recovery.

Toronto Star - Robert Munsch lauded for addiction admission

CBC Canada - Robert Munsch speaks of addiction battle

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Daisy said...

Yes, I saw that, too. Wow, we just never can guess someone's story, eh? Just makes me wanna give him a hug.