Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Meeting with the Mayor

How did I get myself into this? My mouth commits to things my mind and body have no desire to do! We're headed to meet with the local mayor tomorrow to pitch an idea for a town market.

When things were so tight financially we thought we were going to have to generate income on our own - so the market was a great outlet for that. Now that Keith is working the need isn't so great, and thus my motivation is vanishing as our need decreases.

This will be a great option for the town, and I want to get it pitched, but my energy level is waning and I should be finishing the proposal instead of this blog post... it's amazing the things we can invent to avoid other obligations isn't it??

Hope your day was as glorious weather wise as our's was today! Enjoy!

UPDATE: Meetings went really well and they said YES... now what? What have I gotten myself into!?!? I know this will be a great way to promote community - so that's what I'm going with. Pray for me!

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wilsonian said...

What a wonderful opportunity! I think you're gonna have a blast this summer :)