Thursday, January 18, 2007

Curt Cloninger

One of my favorite actors I have had the opportunity to see live is Curt Cloninger. He moves me and engages my emotions like few others ever have.

I received his newsletter today and wanted to highlight some of it here.

Fifteen different babies. Every one of them Jesus. Almost every night in December I performed my Christmas show, and held a different, unpredictable baby Jesus. The variety was delightful. Some of the babies were black, some were white, some were Hispanic. Some were tiny. Some were huge. (One was eight months old. I felt like we should be shaking hands). Some cried. Some cooed. Some were silent. But every night, every one of those babies reminded me (and the audience) that this was how God showed up on the planet ... small and unpredictable, a mystery appearing in the slip stream of history. God showed up to recapture the hearts of women and men, some who saw more than a baby, and some who didn't have a clue.

I liked the December reminder, because, so often I live in quiet despair, convinced God is not "showing up" for me in the painful places of my life. Or, I think I can easily manipulate God, keeping Him in some manger, or Blackberry, just like all my other manageable appointments. Just like some of those people in the early story, often I don't have a clue.

This year I want to recognize God as He shows up in the slip stream of my history. I want Him to recapture my heart. I want to let Him out of my Blackberry. I want to be awed by the mystery of His coming ... to me. I don't want to wait until next Christmas for that to happen ... because there's no telling what the babies will be like then!

If you are interesting in getting to know, or book Curt you can find his website here:

Curt Cloninger

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