Saturday, January 20, 2007

Six degrees of separation...

Okay, follow me here - I will try to explain this strange path that has just made my world smaller.

Scot McKnight, the web's most prolific blogger (Jesus Creed) is one of my favorite reads. Every week he places wonderful links to all of the fun and interesting sites he and his wife Kris find all over the web. So, today, taking a small break from supper prep I read this post:

Weekly Meanderings

I click on #7 -

7. The Radical Pastor can paint, too. No wonder he’s been slow on posting.

and notice in the sidebar my pastor & his wife's name - of course this is strange, because this blog is in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

I read it and see that Peter & Mary Ellen have just visited Radical Pastor and are very good friends. What a small, small world!

From New Brunswick, to Chicago, to Michigan and back to New Brunswick - what an incredible kingdom we are part of, eh?

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