Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Eagles make great housepets!

After we had to put our dear, sweet Emmy down we determined as a family that we were probably not the best pet owners in the world. We just get too busy to do all of the necessary things a dog or cat needs to be truly loved and cared for.

Our flat here has a "no pet" policy and that sits really well with me - I don't have to be the bad guy anymore - it's "the rule". So upon moving to St. Stephen we adopted our local bald eagle and named him Smeagol - he lives in the park on the river and we get to watch him hunt and nest. He greeted us on our first visit here and we love him.

We're also very close to a game reserve called the Moosehorn and it is home to a nesting pair of bald eagles and at least one golden eagle. They are breath-taking to watch soar and care for their nest.

My blogging friend Candy has just linked me to a webcam of an eagle's nest in Virginia that has three hatched eaglets - I've been watching and enjoying welcoming them into our home. Just in case you're interested they game wardens will be banding the three eaglets this afternoon at 3:00 eastern time.

You can find it here:

Eagle's Nest Webcam

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Sue said...

I got there just in time, thanks for the link. It was fascinating.