Wednesday, April 18, 2007

New office color palette?

Keith has insulated the back room and it's ready for drywall next week - so I've been contemplating the color palette for my NEW OFFICE! The floor is wood, but nasty, so I'm going to paint it chocolate brown - I think I'm going to do the walls in this ice blue. Anyone know the emotional mojo ice blue gives off? Creative? Or cold? Sleep or energy?

Suggestions? I can't wait to have this space to write and be creative in!


Jenni said...

I know nothing of the mojo of those colors, but I love them together and think it would make a great color choice!

Len said...

Color mojo is 100% dependent upon the eyes of the beholder. As much as I hate to say it, (as a guy), it's all a matter of how it makes the individual feel. See? I can be in touch with feelings. Now back to normal life. :-)

erica said...

Hi Heidi!
when i have somewhere definite to redirect you to, I'll email you.

erica said...

Can you email me you e-dress? ebrymand@hotmail. com

wilsonian said...

I won't be help in the mojo department with this one, but I am LOVING that palette!

Sue said...

I've never been one to cling to the idea that colors inspire moods, (like red inspiring appetite). I think that if you just love how it looks then you should go with it. btw, I really like that combination of colors.

Anonymous said...

I dig the colors. As for the mojo of blue, Blue is associated with the fifth chakra in your throat - which is concerned with creating and communicating in your own voice. If you are digging blue, supposedly that suggests that this is a time for speaking up, for offering your special gifts to the world, and for the awakening of your spiritual nature.

Don't know what you think about chakras, but I thought the description of blue was eerily appropriate for this phase of your life.

Enjoy the new office.