Saturday, February 09, 2008

Obama for ME!

What an amazing opportunity - we were 20 feet away from the next president of the United States today - and today I am even more sure of that. He was incredible. I have rarely been so inspired from someone who calls themselves a politician. He is truly different and so down to earth. I took lots of pictures and videos - but technical dip that I am 1/2 of them are SIDEWAYS! HA!

I didn't know that you can't spin a MOV file like you can a photo - and you didn't get the full effect of him on landscape, so I went vertical - and now they're all tilty... goof.

Anyone know how/if this can be fixed?

I'll keep uploading, but here's one to get you started - enjoy! I know we did. My kids LOVED it - this was historical - they will never forget it.

All Mainers - please caucus tomorrow!! And for those of you who really can't believe he's who he says he is talk to someone, read his positions on his website - everything is in there in massive detail - he isn't green, he isn't naive, he is fresh and new and different and this truly could change everything for the better.

Here's one of the videos that is right way around:


anj said...

Oh I hope you are right. I found this online account from someone in MA; I thought you might enjoy it.

Brett said...

Go Obama! He is definitely a breath of fresh air :)