Friday, November 07, 2008

Rock band meme

In an effort to do something mindless that totally ignores all of the work I have to do today I am participating in a meme from Renee via Marko - I have started a band. No, really. Just kidding, just a game - first, generate a random wikipedia entry to get your band name, followed by random quote - take the last 4 words from the first random quote, that is the name of your hit song, and finally, a random flicker image, the cover of your first album.

Here's my band's debut:

Bataka Squad

and our hit song:

The road, take it (from Yogi Berra's famous fork in the road quote)

and our album cover - extraordinarily beautiful!

major props to niccodeamus

Want to play along? Tag yourself and post in the comments and I'll link to your blog post.


Chris said...

Hey Heidi,

I've added my meme and I will post it tomorrow. Thanks for the fun and the facebook comment. Insurance...not very aptly named is it?

Chris said...

here's the link...I forgot that it might be helpful.