Friday, June 26, 2009

Of roots and foundations - An Invitation

Can't stop thinking about the house, and it's rendered me totally ineffective until our appointment with our lawyer at 4:00 today (we're signing papers today, transfer of $ happens on Monday - yikes!)

One of the things that I want to do echoes something my blogger friend Kel did as they built their glorious artist retreat/home, Anamrae, in Australia these past few years. They built from scratch, and so we can't do exactly what they are did - but our version will be very similar.

Kel asked all her family and friends (even those of us who were from far away) to contribute prayers, blessings, poems and notes that they could write on timbers and beams, drop into the walls before they were closed in and say over their home. Our basement in our new home is high and dry and one of our first projects will be to insulate the walls. Before that happens I will be letting our community loose with markers to christen and bless the foundation of our home here in St. Stephen. Words, art, smiles and prayers will literally be written upon the bricks and mortar of our home.

It has been 14 years since we have owned a home. 14 years of moving, transferring communities, leaving friends and family behind, 14 years finished. We, all four of us, long for roots. Deep roots, good foundations in this community that we call already call home. We truly love it here and it suits us well. It is not perfect, but neither are we, and it is real. We long to establish ourselves here to grow and work and live our lives.

We invite you to share a story, blessing, poem, joke, photo or anything you can think of that will add to the foundations of our lives.

You can email me at heiditurnerATgmailDOTcom or write me for our snail mail address if you'd like to mail your contribution.

We have also been wracking our brains for a name for her. She is an 85 year old craftsman/arts & crafts home with lovely woodwork and tons of character. Kel's Anamrae takes two celtic words for Soul Space and links them together. So far I haven't gotten that creative, but would love a name that speaks of roots and growth. My dear friend Anj calls her craftsman Sojourn. A prize will be awarded if a suggested name is chosen.

Thank you for celebrating with us!


Kel said...

I'm so excited that you have an opportunity to embed blessings, prayers and heart art into the foundation of you home
awesome stuff
shall ponder my contribution (do you have a timeline/deadline?)

As Canada has French connections, perhaps you would like a French name for your new home:
la Maison L'arbre
"the tree house"
which connects to both your roots and growth analogy, and also the timber used in your new home

Danielle said...

What clever ideas! How fun for everyone involved ( : I will send something your way & try to come up with some name ideas!!

Danielle said...

How about "Meristem" is the tip of root growth..combines both! I think it sounds like a pretty & feminine name too ( :

Togenberg said...

Send me your new mailing address!

How exciting! Awesomeness!

Namewise, how about "Beth Shalom" (bet shalome, house of peace) and then call it Beth (Beth, the female name) casually.