Friday, June 26, 2009

There's no place like home

The SOLD sign is up and we close on Monday!

I can hardly believe it's true. I haven't blogged about it because I just couldn't stand the thought of having to blog about it falling through. There have been few things in life I have allowed myself to admit I wanted - a home was one, and when this process started to move forward THIS HOME was THE HOME I longed for. It hardly seems real.

I am going to document the process because it has been so amazing, but really need some mind space (and quiet) to do that in. With the kids home from school now that has been hard to find this past week. I know it will come, but this morning isn't it.

I have created an online photo album if you want to peek inside:

20 Queen Street East


Hope said...

So, so happy for you!!

sonja said...

What a gorgeous home. The woodwork and "bones" are absolutely stunning.

Kel said...

what a dream come true for you!
congratulations on your new home
of course, we're fans of timber, and love the stairs, parquetry, etc
just divine

Heidi said...

Oh it's lovely!!!!! It's gonna look amazing once you give it your personal touch!!

Daisy said...

Renee, that is a great looking house. Congratulations! Looks like home already.