Friday, January 01, 2010

New year stories instead of resolutions

I sent this out on my facebook page, but don't want to forget it or have anyone miss it (Erin) because they are not in facebook.

Donald Miller blogged today about how to create stories around our goals to give them life and to inhabit them instead of having them cause us shame.

He writes:
A story involves a person that wants something and is willing to overcome conflict to get it. If you plan a story this year, instead of just simple goals, your life will be more exciting, more meaningful and more memorable. And you are much more likely to stick to your goals. For instance, rather than saying I want to finish getting into shape this year, I’ve written down that I want to climb Mt. Hood with a couple friends. I have a vision of standing on top of the mountain in May, taking pictures and all that. Now my goal has a narrative context. That’s just a simple story, and I’ve planned some stories that are far more difficult but I only use that as an example. If my goal were to lose twenty pounds, I doubt I’d stick with it. But when you have friends flying up from Texas to summit the mountain with you, you’d better believe you are going to be hitting the stairs. I have to, because it I don’t, my story will be a tragedy. Again, stories give goals context.

Make sure to head to his blog to read the rest of the post and grab a copy of his book A Million Miles in A Thousand Years like I'm going to very, very soon.

Donald Miller: Living a Good Story, An Alternative to New Years Resolutions


Anonymous said...

I'm feeling this, and I'm also creating art to express my longings, visualizing the process, and results. This is great, sis. Thanks for sharing.

Erin Wilson said...

Great stuff!

I've read the book, but clearly need to read it again...

Kel said...

thanx for sharing this Heidi
an excellent verbal version of creating a storyboard :-)

nicola said...

Hey Heidi! I've been missing the 'inward/outward' blog so much lately and I've just rediscovered yours... I so needed to hear the Nouwen quote today, Thankyou. I also just read Miller's book, loved it... I read it far to fast... -- I now have two copies of it; would you like me to send one to you? I would love to, but you have to be willing to wait a couple of weeks for the mail ;). Blessing friend.

Heidi Renee said...

I would love that Nicola - it would make it twice as special.

btw - I told Mr. Miller on his blog about the way you are telling your story - I really do think you'd make him proud.

I too have so been missing Inward/Outward. I guess someone hacked their site and it was really discouraging. I'm hoping it didn't take all the wind out of their sails - and I pray for them regularly - it was really a labor of love.

I have added the Jean Vanier daily quote to try to make up for it - it's good, but I do love the different voices I/O uses.

So enjoyed getting to read your blog posts Nicola! You are an inspiration!