Sunday, January 24, 2010

Turn the faucet on

"If you’re going to be a writer,
the first essential is just to write.
Do not wait for an idea.
Start writing something
and the ideas will come.
You have to turn the faucet on
before the water starts to flow."
~ Louis L’Amour

(my western lovin' dad would be so happy I'm quoting his favorite author!)

via my new favo art blog: Daisy Yellow. Make sure to read her 13 tips for kicking your inner perfectionist to the curb!


sonja said...

THANK YOU for sharing this blog ... what an enormous treasure. I'm going to be playing here ... fer sher.

idelette said...

Love this quote. Especially from Louis L'Amour!

Erin Wilson said...

This is great!

And I hope it means you're writing :)