Wednesday, June 07, 2006

3 days and counting

Okay, I'm on my second batch of antibiotic and the bronchitis is still holding on. I'm not feeling as weak as I was, but a couple runs up and down the stairs can about do me in. Hard to move without doing stairs. Would appreciate prayers that the meds kick it out before Saturday. (well actually since you're praying, how 'bout Friday - we'll be doing a lot that day too!)

Just a couple of chair seats to re-cover and some last coats of paint on the table top and closet doors today and everything at the new place will be ready for move in. Keith changed all of the light fixtures around - we replaced the bedrooms and living room with ceiling fans and moved the pretty antique fixtures into the other rooms that had ugly fixtures. Almost all of the art is on the walls (except for the pieces that need furniture to be in place so I can see what height I want it at - I'm running out of wallspace though... Some of it might have to go into storage...)

We've almost got permission from the landlord to reno the room at the back into an office - so that will be project #1 once we're moved in. I know it will definitely help my writing to get the computer into a more private space. I get to distracted by the noise to hold my thoughts together when it's in the middle of everything.

The kids rooms look amazing and we're really having fun watching them enjoy and plan their lives in them. Alinea is so dreamy when she gets into her's. She spins and smiles and is just so grateful - it definitely has made the work worth it. I'll post pictures once the furniture goes in.

Hope this finds you all well! Thanks for your prayers!


wilsonian said...

Praying for strength for you today... physical and mental.

And I cant' wait to see pictures of the kid's rooms.

Laura said...

I love your "about me" post. The stuff about redemption, and then the part about not defining yourself by your roles. You seem to be on a fascinating journey!