Friday, June 30, 2006

Prayer needed, and answered

Within the past 36 hours I have heard that two of my loved ones have been affected by nature. My sister, her husband and their baby live dead center in the flood zone of the PA/NY riverbeds that are overflowing with the deluge of rain they have received. Denise is on the tippy top of one of the mountains in the NY Catskills - so the flooding hasn't affected them directly - but it has washed out roads and made access to supplies, and providing help for others near impossible. Their lovely 7 month old daughter Marybeth was down to two cans of formula when I heard of their need.

We started to pray. I received an email from Denise that said she was thinking about using milk and the memories of tiny baby stomach aches from my own experience with my kids was not a good one. Denise got down to the final can and 15 minutes later got a phone call from the local fire department - confirming that yes, she did have a baby on the top of the mountain - and they provided 2 cans of formula, 2 packs of pampers and 2 dozen bottles of water. This big sister's shoulders are a lot less tense this morning.

We also found out that our Compassion son in Indonesia was affected by the last earthquake there. He and his family survived, but the roof of their home did not. We would like to help. We are contacting compassion today to find out if that is possible. We have no idea the cost. We just know that little Yeremiah and his loved ones have been rocked and need to know they are safe again. I can't imagine enduring such an incredible shaking of the very foundations of your life.

Any prayers for both of these situations would be greatly appreciated.

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Danielle said...

Praying for your son in Indonesian. Bless you for adopting these children in God's name.