Thursday, June 22, 2006

Kindred Souls

Oh the joy of meeting a kindred spirit. It has been long since I have had one living nearby. So many of my friends in blogland are kindreds, but you are all so very far away! I have made a new friend and we have much in common, but many ways in which we will stretch and compliment each other. I am so very excited!

Her church of origin is the same as mine, and her giftings and call are very similar - she is a strong woman with a powerful voice - and understands fully what it was like to be silenced (with a silent God) for far too long. We already have a short-hand of knowing this similar path that allows for a deep resonance in our souls.

I picked her up from the airport on Tuesday and we were able to spend much time since then getting to know each other and sharing our stories. Yesterday she stopped me in my kitchen to say how leaving her last community was so difficult, but she never imagined that coming to a new place that there would already be family and friends waiting. It's wonderful to know that she felt that kindred bond too.


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What a gift! I rejoice with you.