Thursday, May 24, 2007

Keith is the best grocery shopper!

I love my hubby and the produce guy at our Atlantic Superstore!

Look at this!

Keith always seems to hit to grocery store just as the produce guy has marked everything down. It's all still lovely and ready to eat!

$10.00 and great timing has gotten us:

- 8 large cremini mushrooms
- 11 fresh peaches
- 26 ripe tomatos
- 4 lovely avacados
- 2 large bags of spinach
- 1 perfect bag of cherries

Home made Salsa & Spanakopita is on the recipe docket for the next couple of days! (and the best thing about him is that he makes it too!!) I'm just so blessed!
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daisymarie said...

It's so nice to hear of another hubby who's a great shopper and cook! I've blessed by this for 28 years--I surrendered long ago to his better giftedness in these areas and just enjoy the good stuff he makes. I would so much more rather have Nelson's salsa than that from a jar! And his pizza/speghetti sauce: yum!

Heidi Renee said...

Hey Daisymarie - I would LOVE your hubby's recipe for his pizza sauce!! I just haven't found one that I really like yet - so a tried and true one would be amazing!!

Dan Wilt said...

He is a good man, is he not? I love to touch his noggin in a gesture of friendship when I walk by him at church. When sitting, he is still almost my height standing up.

I.e. He's a big good man!