Thursday, May 24, 2007

Six weird things about me

I got a tag from Dizzy Lizzie to share six weird things about me.... hmmm, only six, eh?

1. I have an anonymous blog that I've been maintaining for the past three years. It's where I share the really weird things about myself. I started it anonymously not because of the weird stuff I wanted to share like most people think, but because of the journey I was/am taking theologically. I was raised in a super-duper conservative church where women were silent with their head's covered - I live very far from that now, but getting to this place was excruciatingly painful and full of questions. They weren't safe to ask while in ministry - we were supposed to the "the answer people" not the question people. I love the support and friendship that came about through that blog. I am best friends with some people I have never met face to face because the blogosphere has the ability to link kindred souls together that would never be found in a face to face community.

2. I read about six non-fiction books all at the same time. It takes me ages to get through non-fiction because I only read what I think is transformational and I truly want it to change me - so it takes me such a long time to move through the books - I have them placed all over the house and read them in different spots. Right now I am enjoying Sleeping With Bread by the Linns, Grace (Eventually) by Anne Lamott, The Dawsonwood Diaries by my dearest friend and adopted mom, Connie Knighton, So I Go Now by another blogging friend I have yet to meet, Jeff Jacobson, Weight, Sex & Marriage by Richard B. Stuart & Barbara Jacobson, Women Who Run with Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes and finally A Tree Full of Angels by Macrina Wiederkehr. Okay, that's 7, I snuck the Sleeping with Bread in because I'm using it to help me work Step 9.

3. If I have to explain something to someone, Keith or my kids (or maybe even others) I say a quick prayer asking God for a word picture or a metaphor that explains this concept well and I am regularly astonished at how they come to me and I am able to help the person I am talking to understand almost exactly what I mean because of it.

4. I type faster than I can write, and usually even faster than I can think... It's very frustrating for me to have to use a pen/pencil and paper sometimes. It's good because it engages my emotions more quickly than typing, but I still find it very stilting and frustrating that I can't just "move stuff around" at will like I can with a word processor...

5. I loathe the smell of cigars and cigarettes. It engages deep emotions within me and I hate being exposed to second hand smoke.

6. I love broken things. Beach glass, broken pieces of pottery, mosaic and collage speak of redemption to me. Outsider art is my favorite and it moves me very deeply to sit with a piece done by someone else who feels as "outside" of things as much as I do.

I tag anyone who wants to play - just leave a comment and I'll post a link to your 6 weird things!

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daisymarie said...

I do the same with books!
I can't hardly write with pen or pencil's just not fast enough!