Thursday, May 31, 2007


My friend Erin has linked to a blog in Austrailia called [hold :: this space] and the author, Cheryl Lawrie has been ministering at Port Phillip Prison and helping the prisoners to express their souls with Psalms. They are the most moving pieces of writing I've read in quite some time. I would love to facilitate this type of writing for a group. I know many of us blogged our own Psalm 23 a couple of years ago, but this free-form Psalm writing is incredible, and these men's honesty of soul is so touching:

[hold :: this space] - Psalms

[hold :: this space] - Psalms of Hope, Love, Fear and Despair
[hold :: this space]- the bits that were missing - Psalms of Boredom


wilsonian said...

Love, love, love this stuff.

cheryl said...

it was very moving to be a part of it.

thanks for stopping by