Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Caving in

Caved in to twitter a few days ago. Alinea wanted to sign up and I don't like to give permission to things I haven't investigated, so I am now twittering... I know I've been a vocal opponent to it and feel quite like the hypocrite, but you can follow my fairly mundane life at @redemptionjunki if you'd like...


Kel said...

me sad

it means we'll probably see less of you here

but it makes sense that in the process of being a good mum, you are an educated permission giver

Heidi said...

I'm on twitter too, but I barely ever go there. I personally don't get it. Most of my contacts are fellow etsy sellers and fellow knitters. Maybe that's why it's kept in it's proper place.

I'll have to go "follow" you, mwaaahaahaa!!

Heidi said...

Whoops, can't find you by your link. Are you under your name? I found a person with your name but I don't want to worry some poor stranger if it's not you!

Here's me: