Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cleaning spaz

I don't know if I've ever blogged here about what a spaz I am with cleaning. I was never taught how to properly clean anything. My mom was sick for most of my time at home and I honestly don't know if she was ever taught either. I can clean, I don't like to, but I am capable. I just don't always know the easiest, fastest or proper way to do it. So I am constantly amazed when I learn something new. I mean, really, I'm 43 and still have to shake my head when I find a new trick, tool or process.

We were at friends the other night for dinner and afterward the husband stacked the dishes, took them to the sink, ran 1 1/2" hot water & soap and one by one rinsed the dirty dishes in the sink. He took a dish brush and gave everything a swirl before he put it into the dishwasher. Pretty basic, eh? I looked at him like he had just taught me how to dance. He was a bit flustered, but I told him it never, ever occurred to me to only put a tiny bit of water in the sink and use a dish brush. Rocket science, I know.

Rinsing dishes before meant water running, flinging at the gunk with the fork in my hand, or using the dish rag to basically wash the dish before I even put it into the dishwasher (which in my not so humble opinion is SUCH A FREAKING WASTE OF TIME AND EFFORT WHY BOTHER HAVING A DISHWASHER??) I was of the mindset that if the dishwasher didn't get everything off I'd then clean things at the other end - which wasn't at all a great success because it's usually my kids putting away the dishes and they barely ever check to make sure something is really clean before putting it away. The dish brush on the other hand is effortless, conserves resources, time and energy.

I have to tell you that as I finished up my lunch dishes today I smiled again as I swirled the dirt out of the dish with my new handy, dandy dish brush and put it into the dishwasher. My hands didn't even get gunky. B.R.I.L.L.I.A.N.T.


Kel said...

finally - found someone who thinks the same as i do about dishwashers!

we have never had one
not sure what the point is when so much time is spent pre-rinsing, stacking and unstacking, why not just do the dishes!?!

when we built the house, everyone said 'leave a space for a dishwasher', so I did, and it is now where my rubbish bin sits, tucked under the bench in this blank hole in the kitchen cabinetry...

now that i'm unemployed, buying a dishwasher is the absolute last priority on any cash available... so it looks like i've designed a very big cavity space for a rubbish bin to sit ...

Neritia said...

I was laughing so much while reading post...I can picture you face and the amazed look in your eyes!
I love cleaning....truely love it! Seeing the beginning and the end makes me happy! I love the process and the fact that it stops and I can sit back and feel I've achieved something. The other processes in my life never seems to stop - so cleaning makes me feel good...instant gratification!
Love you!!!

ragamuffin diva said...


storypeople said...

I still might need an epiphany. Like doing the dishes right away so you don't spend so much time scraping and scrubbing. But that would just be motivation, which is a little hard sometimes.

Heidi Renee said...

ha Kel! it makes me laugh that you think that - when in truth the dishwasher is THE MAGIC BOX - i installed one in my apartment (at my own cost) because i love, love, love the dishwasher. i just hate prewashing dishes because my magic box will do it for me :D having a dishwasher is the difference for me between my space being clean or constantly cluttered. i think i'd give up my microwave before i'd give up my dishwasher... (i thought about your cavity and thought it would make a great little house for the dog!) :D

neritia!! i'm so happy this made you laugh - that gives me such joy. please come from south africa to teach me how to clean (or bring me to SA - especially for the warm summer right now - and i'll learn to clean with you there!)

oh raga dear - i know we are soul sisters on this darlin!

sp - i really need to learn your proper name - but it is kind of nice that you represent all of the storypeople to me - i still need an cleaning epiphany too - just because i have a new tool please don't think that i am actually enjoying cleaning :D

Heather said...

found you through a link on Dan Wilt's page. I have always wondered if it wouldn't be just as simple for me to have a European-style cabinet/dish drain above my sink since I pretty much wash my dishes before the dishwasher does. I keep thinking that surely there is an automatic dishwasher out there that gets the job done, but, alas, I do not own it!

I LOVE that you shared your friend's husband's method. I'm teaching it to my children and we will take another step towards being more green.

Here's to overrated dishwashers!