Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Oh the places you will go

This got me thinking this morning:

If we find nothing of interest where we are,
we are likely to find little of lasting interest
where we wish to go.

Edwin Way Teale


Danielle said...

This got me thinking too...which is a good way for me to start off a Monday morning...& the rest of my week! Thanks ( :

Dan Wilt said...

Heidi, as always, the things you think about show the quality of your soul!

I love the words of one author who said "the art of travel is not in seeing new places, but in seeing old places with new eyes."

Over on my blog, a beautiful and thrilling discussion on the themes of "pilgrimage" and "destinations" is going on, and it coincides with this quote exactly.

A beautiful convergence. Thanks for being such a great soul - you and your strong man and fire-eyed young'uns are a gift to us all.

Cheers to the journey.