Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dream Assignment

My long time blogger bud Jen Lemen has the biggest dreams of almost anyone I know - and one of those dreams is actually within her reach and you can help make it happen.

Jen is a Shutter Sister, mom, artist, poet, blogger-extraordinaire and she and her friend Stephanie have put together a Dream Assignment proposal and it's tied for 5th place right now - can you help them by registering and pushing them up to the top? Pic Hope:

Name Your Dream Assignment - Picture Hope


Heidi said...

Cool project!

Psst, I responded to you over at my blog, in the comments. :o)

over here....

Mark said...

Great idea! Another really good one that deserves more votes is on Endangered Languages. Currently, a language dies about every 14 day.

Vote for it at: