Saturday, March 14, 2009

Turner Family Update

You have all been so patient - I apologize that I have gone silent. With the end of March break all three of us, Ali, Jacob & I went back to school. I am in the middle of my last two week intensive for my masters degree - and have had to focus on school. I just finished up my afternoon class and my brain is filled to the brim and I am both mentally and physically exhausted.

No news has been good news on Jacob. There has been two days of a lot of pain (Monday & Friday) where he left school - but Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday were all three full days of school. He's had no fevers, his blood work came back with numbers that made the doctor happy and the extra mural nurse just finished hooking up his last IV bag of antibiotics. By 5:00 tomorrow night he will be free of the pump and we'll be heading to outpatient to get his PICC line removed!!!

His scar is healing well and other than the muscles knitting themselves back together and causing quite a bit of pain he is doing quite well. He's not got all of his energy or weight back yet - so we'd still appreciate your prayers - but he it is so good to have our boy back.

Alinea is doing well, she's getting ready to enter her TEEN years in less than a month (April 10th) and we're planning a blessing service/party for her.

Keith has been pulling way more than his normal load through both the sickness and school - and I am constantly amazed at how capable he is and we are regularly blessed by his incredible talents in the kitchen.

By the end of next week I will have completed all of the study terms of my program - except the travel term (Greece/Turkey this time next year) and my thesis work. It hardly seems possible that soon I'll be able to be doing reading again that I pick instead of all of the assigned reading I've been doing (or avoiding) for the past two years. I can't wait as I've got a stack of books waiting to be read.

Thanks again for your prayers, encouragement and support during this past month - we are so happy to see the beginning of the hope of spring here and the backside of winter. We shall kiss it goodbye and good riddance. It's been a long season and we're ready for new growth.


Kel said...

what a time you've been through
and are still going through
how exciting that your last masters intensive is here
[well done you brainy person you]

that trip to Europe for the course sounds great!
what an exciting thing to have on the horizon

Danielle said...

How wonderful to hear that Jake is finally doing lots better! He's such an incredibly strong & brave little man! And I'm happy to hear your family can finally experience some relief after such a terrible time for you all!

Do you know where in Greece & Turkey you'll be traveling to? I got to study abroad in Italy & Greece & we went to Kusadasi in Turkey also. It was SO amazing & the pictures I have are just breathtaking! I'm so excited for you to will truly be the trip of a lifetime!! ( :